Move, Moving, Moved

  • Rick Richbourg
  • Feb 28, 2020
  • Diary
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Well its done! After threatening promising to move, relocate or expat out of Orlando, we’ve finally done it. Moved, that is! Moved from our comfy lake house in Orlando, with a lifetime of memories … … Moved to some place a little warmer 🙂 Yes, warmer. Warmer than Orlando; but, much less warm than Dante’s […]

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Breaking News!

Well, after teaching lessons in the Orlando area for more than 40 years, I will be moving 😯 However, I can still be available for my Orlando students via Skype lessons contact me if you wish to do so. And, for those seeking guitar lessons in the Lower Keys, I will be available for guitar […]

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Dirt Pedal Demo – Soul Food, OCD

Guitar overdrive pedal demos for the Electro-Harmonix (JHS mod):  Soul Food and Fulltone: OCD. (demos are not my own and belong to the original posters) Hopefully, you will have gathered from my previous posts, I am always ‘tone questing’. Not sure if this is just part of my wandering nature or something that is shared […]

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