Rick Richbourg

Recommend Reading

What to listen for in MusicWhether you choose to listen to Mozart, Duke Ellington, or Alien Ant Farm – Copland’s provocative suggestions for listening will bring you a deeper appreciation of the most rewarding of all art forms, as he offers a fascinating analysis of how to listen to music intelligently. Includes a selected bibliography for further reading What to Listen for in Music.


Click to purchase through our online affiliation with Amazon.comThis book is still in the personal libraries of every “serious” player and jazz aficionado I know – and should be! Chock full of jazz essentials that is as timely today as when originally published. You will find discussions on jazz theory and application for the soloist through the big band in an easy to use and understand method. Listening to Jazz.


Click to purchase through our online affiliation with Amazon.comThe equivalent of the Berklee Guitar player’s bible. This 3 volume series is devoted to improving playing technique, reading skills and improvisational performance. It is required materials for any of my students. This collection is for the serious student of the Guitar and NOT for the “faint of heart” – it is college level text. Modern Method for Guitar.

  THESAURUS OF SCALES -Nicolas Slonimsky
Click to purchase through our online affiliation with Amazon.comVery advanced “wood-shedder’s bible” rescued from obscurity with the dabbling of John Coltrane. Non – C instruments will have to transpose. Prerequisites are chord / scale knowledge and advanced improv skills. There is no “fingering” guides or instructions on how to use these scales. This is for the serious DIYer only. Thesaurusof Scales.

Extra curricular


The Fountainhead -Ayn Rand

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The story chronicles the efforts of Howard Roark. Roark is a man who becomes successful despite the pressure of society to thrive by reproducing the labors of the mediocre – a definite challenge to the status quo. Roark stands out as a true champion for the individual. A must read for any ARTIST (or anyone living with us creative types Cool!).
The Fountainhead.


The Law -Frederic Bastiat
Click to purchase through our online affiliation with Amazon.comThough written in 1850 the ideas expressed by Fredric Bastiat are still true today. Unfortunately, even in the United States we have a large populace who believe they need to use the law to take from some and give to others. This should be required reading for every congressman and every voter who is concerned about individual liberty and the tyranny of mob rule. The best 3 bucks (US) you’ll ever spend. The Law.