Move, Moving, Moved

Move, Moving, Moved

Well its done!

After threatening promising to move, relocate or expat out of Orlando, we’ve finally done it. Moved, that is! Moved from our comfy lake house in Orlando, with a lifetime of memories …

view from the dock of our old home on Lake Holden, Orlando…

… Moved to some place a little warmer 🙂 Yes, warmer. Warmer than Orlando; but, much less warm than Dante’s Inferno  😉

our new view from the islands in the stream.

Moved down to the Islands in the Stream. America’s Caribbean Islands. Down to the lower Florida Keys… Land of Sunshine, Salted rimmed glasses straight from Margaritaville,  Parrotheads and continual Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

This certainly seemed like the best option for us, and our family, (which at this point consists of my wife and me, our two dogs and a cat). We did look elsewhere; but, at the end of the day staying in the good ol USA seemed like the best bet for a long term relocation. . . all things considered… (like healthcare, good underwear, and reliable electricity, flushing toilets and gigabit internet)