Wedding Music for Guitar?

Wedding Music for Guitar?

As some of my students transition from pupil to music professional, and start working in their own musical world, – they occasionally ask which songs should they ‘have’ in their wedding repertoire if they are asked to perform for a wedding.

While some pieces may be requested by the Bride, Wedding Planner or ‘friend’; it’s always good to have some suggestions in cased you are asked 😉

While my list is not meant to be exhaustive, I have included a few of the ‘legit’ (or ‘Classical’) pieces that I have been requested to play for the brides special day. Hope this wedding music for guitar is helpful if you are trying to determine what to perform.

Cannon in D – Johann Pachelbel

The Wedding March – Felix Mendelssohn

Gymnopédie #1 – Eric Satie

Sarabande bwv 1007 – J. S. Bach

Romance de Amor – Antonio Rovira

(hopefully it is self evident that I am not the performer for these pieces. Instead this is curated content to be instructive for my students – past,  present and future)