Dirt Pedal Demo – Soul Food, OCD

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Guitar overdrive pedal demos for the Electro-Harmonix (JHS mod):  Soul Food and Fulltone: OCD. (demos are not my own and belong to the original posters)

Hopefully, you will have gathered from my previous posts, I am always ‘tone questing’. Not sure if this is just part of my wandering nature or something that is shared by all guitar nerds in the fraternity of music making. None-the-less, I am always looking for “The Perfect Tone” and of course that means I haven’t found it yet. Moreover, I suppose my idea of perfect tone changes frequently 😉 [fruitful_sep] The first demo is of the Electro-Harmonix: Soul Food.  I like this demo because they also show the Soul Food with the  JHS “Meat & 3” mod. After hearing the demo, you may appreciate why I purchased the Soul Food with the JHS Mod. I originally bought this as Klon Klone; but, since I know own a Klon KTR (and gig with it) I am using the Soul Food as a transparent boost! [fruitful_sep] The second demo is of the Fulltone: OCD pedal. This is also a pedal that I own. I bought it specifically so I could play my ’60s Bassman at ‘bedroom levels’ and still get ‘that sound’ a very low volume. I have since moved it onto my Pedal Board as a second ‘dirt pedal’ stacked AFTER my Klon. Sounds awesome.  [fruitful_tabs type=”accordion” width=”100%” fit=”false”]
[fruitful_tab title=”My Pedal Board Jan 2018″]pix of guitar dirt pedals on Rick's Pedal Board - Jan 2018thanks for viewing… now on to the demo below.


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