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Track # 1  911–  From the 2002 Album “Life is for the Living


Unfortunately, this composition was inspired after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States of America. This tune is a “post grunge” jazz-rock instrumental. Conceived as a modern day march or “Anthem”. This would be the kind of music I would want to listen to while on deployment in my F-18 or Bradley tank during “Operation Enduring Freedom”.

The sounds at the end, after President Bush’s speech are ‘industrial’ samples – assembled as an audio metaphor for rebirth, rebuilding and to show faith in the Liberty. (please recognize that: prosperity & plenty are: direct results of Liberty.)

I pre released the composition ‘091101’ in advance of my audio CD ‘Life is for the Living”. After thousands of ‘net’ plays ‘091101’ spent 4 weeks as #1 (Oct 2001) on the soundclick.com jazz charts.

Cover Art for 911

All Songs from Life is for the Living copyright 2002. All Rights reserved: DWI Records, Diversions Worldwide, Inc, Rick Richbourg and ASCAP.

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